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The Spider

Sunday, July 8, 2012

(Unofficial) Hellbilly Devil Conjurin', Soul-Sellin' Contract

On this the _____ day of ___________, 2009, I, _________________ do hereby invoke the Devil and all of his legions to meet me at a crossroads in the city/county of _______________, State/Commonwealth of ________________ at Midnight on _________ the ______ day of _____________, 2009.

And I do hereby affirm that on that date and at that time I will render unto the Devil the unbreakable promise of my everlasting and immortal soul at the hour of my death upon the condition that he grant me until that time the following:

(For additional requsts or footnotes pls. create attachments to this document)

I understand and agree that this contract is binding in all dimensions, infinately, throughout all time.

Additional services may be performed for the Devil in exchange for more time, but such requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis and are not incorporated herein by reference. 

I understand and agree to all terms and conditions of this contract.

Signed this the ______ day of _________________, 2009

Your signature

The Devil Himself

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