A Southern Gothic, multi-media 'Faust' written and produced by Lonesome Liz featuring art by Liz, Wes Freed, Molly Crabapple and others with an Outlaw Country/Gospel score with Liz and J.B. Beverley. Visit Lonesome Liz Music: lonesomelizmusic.blogspot.com

The Spider

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Contortionist

art by Molly Crabapple

I’m tired of the jokes people make
about not getting bent out of shape.
You wouldn’t believe the questions –
I keep people guessing.

I’m here because I don’t want a normal life;
that and because of the Knife Thrower,
there was an incident
or two, or maybe three.
I was far from innocent, you see.
And I didn’t want a normal life.

I had beautiful, long, Rapunzel-like hair;
like Lady Godiva, it’d be all I’d wear
sometimes. It made my act attract
more attention than I could stand.

There was a man
or two or maybe three.
One night, finally,
I’d had it. I blamed
above all else my glorious mane
for causing me such heartache and woe.

I cut it all off while the tightrope walker walked
over head.
That night I’d wished I were dead.
I’d had my heart broken for the 100th time.
Most suspected the Midway Boss undermined
the whole affair.
Whatever the case, it undermined my hair.
I pretend and grin and then
I pretend to grin again.

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