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The Spider

Monday, May 27, 2013

Madame Ugly

I was once a beautiful girl.
Now one glance makes straight hair curl
and stomachs and eyes turn in disdain.
No one knows my name.
Just call me Madame Ugly.

I was a happy wife when it started to fall,
it being my face, chin, nose and all
seemed to swell then collapse from within.
I went to doctors again and again
but there was nothing they could do.
I got ugly and uglier too.

And the rare, weird poison that mangled me so
gave me fierce headaches and other woes.
I not only never looked good but never felt good either
and sent my own children into screaming fevers
each time they looked at my face.
I left them with their father and went away
to a place where no one cared.
Only the bravest who see me dare
go back to look again.

I have very few friends.

In defense of others, I’m not kind
and half the time acted half out of my mind.
Maybe it was the weight of my bad luck.
Just like the joke, I made a face and it stuck.

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