A Southern Gothic, multi-media 'Faust' written and produced by Lonesome Liz featuring art by Liz, Wes Freed, Molly Crabapple and others with an Outlaw Country/Gospel score with Liz and J.B. Beverley. Visit Lonesome Liz Music: lonesomelizmusic.blogspot.com

The Spider

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Magician

He was once the toast of England and France
the Great Conjurini!
There was even a dance
named for the way his assistant would sway
during a certain smoke and mirrors trick.

He became sick,
struck down mid-second-world-tour.
It didn't matter that he'd done it before.
All those cancelled shows
left his ratings rather low.
That's just the way it goes.

It was all the fault of a slender young girl.
She'd made his eyes roll and his toes curl.
She'd made him so ill he'd almost gone blind
but looking back, he didn't so much mind.
It had just been that good.

Everyone said he should
find a new gimmick and burst forth anew.
They claimed it wasn't just that he knew
the secrets of magic and sleight of hand
but rather the way to trick any woman or man
into believing whatever he chose.

Everyone knows
that most of what happens is of his design.
That's why he's always on the sidelines
whenever something goes down.
Even the clowns
don't dare laugh
when he passes.

He refused everyone's advice.
He didn't listen, he didn't think twice
just went on being Conjurini.
He doesn't look like you should take him lightly.
He really is actually rather frightening,
though fiercely attractive.
It's almost psycho-active.

He can escape any trap devised.
He very much seems to have x-ray eyes.
He can disappear quick as a flash
and then even quicker appear back.
He sometimes flies through the air.
He’s sure to give you a terrible scare.
His Assistant exudes both wonder and fear
whenever he so much as ventures near.

It clearly isn't just the slicing in two
that makes her smiles so seldom and few.
No one really knows
much about the situation.
Or the nature of their relation.

Barker: No one has ever seen anything like him.
He has a gaze that could dim or brighten
the most skeptical crowd.
His voice is deep and loud.

His hands flash like carousel lights.
He seems to summon the very night
with his fingers.

His laugh lingers in a bone chilling way
long after he's gone away.

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